Consistently turning out new compositions, Wallace is available for hire as a writer. All commissions are priced individually. To request a commission, please send Wallace an email.

Wallace has studied composing and arranging with one of the jazz community’s most notable arrangers, Mike Holober. Wallace has experience writing for nearly any size ensemble; be it a duo, trio, quintet, or full 13 piece jazz big band, you will be delighted with the finished product. If the commissioned piece is to be performed as well, musician and recording fees must be accounted for. He is also equipped to produce music digitally, allowing him to create full-length tracks that feature multitudes of software instruments. Software instruments don’t convey the richness of tone and expression of live musicians, but computer-generated tracks can be produced much more quickly and are more affordable, as they do not need to be performed and recorded by live musicians.

For animation, film, and advertisement, artists/directors are requested to please present a fully completed timeline upon submitting their project for music scoring. The clips don’t need to be completely finished so long as the sequence timeline has been fixed; however, a completed project enables Wallace to write from the most informed perspective, thereby accelerating the writing process and allowing the score to most accurately complement the finished product. Booking a spotting session is recommended and included in the quote.

Wallace also has a deep appreciation for and interest in video game soundtracks. He has analyzed the work of Koji Kondo (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario 64) and is working on a long-term personal project arranging and producing jazz renditions of the soundtrack to Ocarina of Time. He often writes loops intended to be featured in new video games. A few rough drafts of these demos are available to check out on the music page. Developers, please contact Wallace if you are interested in having original music written for your game!